School Finishing Program

Skills that are needed to reach personal and professional goals

School Finishing Program for College Graduates

Our School Finishing Program is specially designed to prepare young adults for the real world. It imparts knowledge and skills that are needed to reach personal and professional goals, and helps young adults live up to their full potential. It will also help them to create a self-confident and professional image, which will give them an upper hand in the quest for employment. 


The curriculum has highly interactive sessions that include real-life scenarios, role-playing, story sharing, self reflection, group activities and mock interviews. It can help students become more confident and enable them to work easily in a diverse group, respect individual differences, and give them the tools they need in order to cope with the pressure and stress that adolescents face. The course takes into consideration both national and international scenarios.


Course Objectives:

χ Identify career goals and learn how to set goals

χ Creating a professional image and developing essential business etiquette

χ Understanding the concept of gap year and its importance

χ Learning to balance life, work and study

χ Creating a winning resume

χ Preparing for job and college/ university interview