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Kupondole, Lalitpur

Management Consulting

The basics of sound management – clear objective setting, structured performance evaluation, honest and open feedback and communication, etc. – aren’t rocket science. In fact, with our expert support, they’re way easier than rocket science. The colossal intensity of this hyper competitive era test organisations to become more flexible and responsive. In 21st Century companies are in a point of constant struggle in that they're all in a pool to get hold of the biggest projects and the best employees. Undoubtedly, professional management consulting has become an integral part in any organisation throughout the world.


Counselage provides personalised advisory services suitable for your organisation with our objective and independent approach as the core means. As your strategic business partner, we enable you to boost upon your bank of knowledge, strategise your plans, solve your management issues, identify and grasp new opportunities and execute positive changes.


Simply put, we help you develop your products/services without depositing a burden on your resources! We improve and grow your business by solving your problems and advancing your way of doing things. The many circumstances under which we've enabled organisations to balance their opportunities and challenges to ultimately get things done is exactly why they turn to us.