Work Station:
Kupondole, Lalitpur

Leadership Development

The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude,

Be kind, but not weak,

Be bold, but not bully,

Be thoughtful, but not lazy,

Be humble, but not timid,

Be proud, but not arrogant,

Have humour, but without folly.

- Jim Rohn


It is crucial to understand that different individual traits and charecteristics enable or obstruct how good the individual is as a leader. At Counselage, we create leaders! We develop people to become individuals who don't say 'Go' but who say 'Let's Go'.We develop people to become individuals who take leadership as an act and not as a mere position. Our formalised leadership programs develop these leadership competencies - yes, leaders are indeed both born and made.


Somehow in Nepal and the world over, training is the standard norm to productivity. When it comes to leadership development, there are numerous training programs conducted throughout the country. The distinction that we offer via our particular 'leadership development' program is that we don't train leaders, we DEVELOP them.


It is to be kept in mind, that training and development are not two synonymous terms - where training means sticking to the standard norm and the best practices, developing means bulding upon new norms and nurturing next practices.


That is how we mentor to create great leaders at Counselage.