Date: 2019-02-03
Venue: Radisson Hotel Kathmandu
Trainer: Joseph Niraula

Joy at Work is a joy–packed, interactive, engaging and experiential program designed to address personal and professional challenges faced by 21st century professionals. It is a journey to self-awareness and exploration reconnecting us to our true self, to environment and people with whom we interact in daily bases to achieve our personal and organizational Vision, Mission and Goals. It is about: Blooming Wherever You Are Planted – Finding Joy, Meaning and Purpose in wherever you are and whatever you do.


Program objectives and learning outcomes:

  • Develop personal strategies for building resilience and recapture our natural joyful self with ease.
  • Develop a Champion’s Mindset to build effective and joyful relationship with self and others and work effectively in teams
  • Learn and apply different practical tools and techniques like NLP, EFT, Self-Hypnosis, Meditation, Law of Attraction and Visualization to increase awareness, identify sources and symptoms of stress and to address them.
  • Formulate personal plan and set goals for the implementation of the workshop learnings at workplace and in personal life.


The participants will:

  • Learn Principles of Holistic Living:
  • Learn the Art of Choosing: Happiness and Wellbeing is a choice
  • Learn practical methods to develop the Attitude of Gratitude and Optimism
  • Learn Work–Life Balance for Holistic Living
  • Learn to be exuberant:
  • Learn to be in a Resourceful State of Mind, Body and Heart whenever you want
  • Vibrate and permeate positive energy that inspires people around to spontaneously become positive
  • Increase performance joyfully without adding stress
  • Recognize Your True Self:
  • Learn to love , accept, appreciate and celebrate your unique self.
  • Discover and access your inner coach that is always providing you with creative options.
  • Learn self-hypnosis the art of self suggestion to renew and retune yourself and achieve the goals in life.



Who should attend:

Professionals looking to reduce work stress

HR Managers seeking to create joyful workplace

Individuals seeking to balance work and life

Business professionals looking to increase their work productivity thorugh better life and work style.


When and where?

February 3, 2019



Radisson Hotel, Kathmandu 


Cost: NRs. 9,000 per person