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Shortened Version of Communicative English and Life Skills Course for Schools

Counselage has launched a shortened version of its popular year-long program, Communicative English and Life Skills. The shortened version of the course is six months long. 

The Major Focus of our Course:

1. Conversational English - (Greetings and Goodbyes, Introductions, Talking about yourself and Finding out about others)

Starting , continuing and ending a conversation is the most essential skill a person can have. People often say image makes the first impression, but we believe greetings often make the first and lasting impression. We also focus on improving etiquette and social skills through usage of popular and well- known sentences acceptable in today’s society: “Nice or Pleasure to meet you”, “Goodbye. See you later”,”Good to see you again”, “Bye. Have a good evening” et cetera.


2. Phonetics- (Sounds of English, Symbols, Intonations)

Understanding the various types of sounds produced during human speech and how these matter in a cross cultural setting. 


3. Life Skills

The topics used to deliver the program are mostly life skills based. Hence the program also enhances the following skills in a student:

• Leadership and teamwork 

• Self and social awareness 

• Goal setting and target achievement 

• Social and environmental awareness

• Creative and critical thinking

• Positive attitude and behaviour


4. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Helping students to improve their public speaking and presentation skills is the major focus of this program. A lot of interactive activities like extempore and role plays are conducted inside and outside the classroom to help students achieve confidence when speaking in public.


5. Social Etiquette

The program also focuses on providing dining etiquette, eating manners, dressing skills and other essential social etiquettes.


6. Events and Activities

Our events and activities bring out the hidden talents of the students. Through them, they learn to address and interact with people confidently, participate and compete with others and improve their inter personal skills through team work. A number of activities would be introduced every term and the school would be intimated the details and benefits of the events beforehand.


We also assist schools in conducting their regular English related competitions like debate, speech, spelling and reading competitions in line with international standards.


Monthly Themes:

Month 1 - Conversational Skills


Month 2 - Presentaion Skills and Public Speaking


Month 3 - Phonetics


Month 4 - Politeness and Compliments


Month 5 - Book Reading/Vocabulary


Month 6 - Life Skills and Personality Development


Course Details

A multi-level course in Communicative English for school children, this course covers the four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking as well as improving pronunciation and building vocabulary. Particular emphasis is placed on ‘‘SPEAKING’’. Evidently, the primary goal of this course is to enable students to effectively and efficiently communicate in English in any given situation.


A school will be divided into different levels/segments. The corresponding course will vary according to the segment in terms of grammar, vocabulary, conversation, listening and writing skills and activities. 


The course is interactive, informative and based on well researched concepts. We are certain that the students utilising this course will find it useful, interesting and fun to learn. 


Our goal has been to provide teachers and students with activities that make spoken English classes a time to look forward to and at the same time provide students with the skills they need to use English inside and outside the classroom. The feedback from school managements bears testimony to the usefulness and effectiveness of our course and teaching methods.


Class Timings:

To effectively deliver the course, we need 40 sessions. We will also organize a special event every month at the school during the course.


Learning Materials:

Counselage has its own resources and training manual specially designed to deliver Communicative English.


Teaching Faculty:

Our faculty consists of international and local teachers who work under an academic head, chief coordinating faculties and team leaders. These teams of experts combine forces to deliver our wonderful curriculum. 


Benefits to the Students:

The experienced teachers at Counselage, through their professional approach and skilled application of teaching aids and methodologies, take the children through a joyful experience of learning and make them feel at home. The children learn to relate themselves to the topic through activities that provide scope for easy understanding and expression. Through our interactive and activity oriented approach and methodology, the children experience that communicating in English is a ‘‘real fun’’ and ‘‘enjoyable experience’’

Speak “grammatically” correct English.

Develop communication skills through interactive and fun-filled activities.

Learn to converse fluently and confidently about day to day situations.

Express ideas more freely and eloquently.

Build up vocabulary.

Overcome his/her hesitation and speak confidently in English.

Improve personality by learning to use socially accepted etiquette.

Deal effectively with challenges of everyday life



Cost of the Program:

Nrs. 1000 per student.