Our Team

Sunny Gurung

International Director

Sunny has been involved with Counselage since its inception. His enthusiasm and hardwork is one of the major reason for company`s success. Currently, Sunny is based in Virginia, USA and represents Counselage Training Pvt. Ltd. as its International Director.

He is training and development professional driven by one single goal: ‘productivity maximization through holistic growth.’ Because of his unique training and coaching approach, Sunny has assisted his clients in gaining as much as 79% income growth within a period of 6 months.

Ichhya Malla

Managing Director

Ichhya Malla is a dynamic, charismatic and energetic professional with a highly effective style of training delivery. Her core competencies lie in helping businesses perform well through trainings. She is equally competent in  both ‘Hard Skills (Technical Skills)’ and ‘Soft Skills (People Skills)’ – the two essences of any professional and personal success. 


Ichhya has completed her Bachelors degree from Towson University, USA and her Masters degree from Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, USA. 

Anwesh KC

Chief Executive Director

Anwesh has been involved in education sector for more than ten years now. He is a Dale Carnegie Certified trainer and a certified NLP practitioner. Currently, he works as a chief executive director at Counselage and works towards achieving company`s vision of assisting national and international organizations through continuous strategic organizational development.


As an International Child Care Development Program`s certified facilitator, he conducts parenting sessions for parents and caregivers. He also enjoys spending his time creating theater productions with adolescents.