Benaisha Kharas

International Image Consultant

Benaisha Kharas is an Image Enhancer, Inspirational Speaker, and Fashion Style Expert. She is pasionate about helping her clients project an influential, charismatic, and stylish image in their personal and profesional lives.  She is the absolute expert in the art and science of personal style and image management. Infact, she is the“go to Image Builder” for women, young adults, corporates, and fashion houses .


She is India’s Youngest internationaly certified Image Consultant since 2012, Benaisha has inspired and trained more than 2000 people to be Style, Image, and Fashion Conscious. She has provided personal consulting to more than 250 HNI clients to present themselves with more poise and polish. 


Being dyslexic, yet incredibly popular in the media; Benaisha does not let her obstacles come in the way of her dreams. At the tender age of 10 when her teachers told her to go to special school, she chose to become her own Hero and fight for her dreams. She graduated with double majors in sociology and entrepreneurship.