Sunny Sunrise Gurung

International Corporate Trainer

Sunny has over 11 years of training and OD experience and he has positively transformed over 5,000 individuals. Sunny is driven by one single goal: ‘productivity maximization through holistic growth.’ As a trainer for both business and people skills, Sunny believes that the key to success is win-win partnership between him and his client. Through his life changing trainings and workshops, Sunny’s aim is to take his clients few steps closer to achieving their mission, vision and goals. 

As a business coach, Sunny has effectively used his consulting experience to build effective competitive advantages for companies working within the sector of banking, manufacturing, retail, IT/communications, healthcare, entertainment, non-profit, education and government. 


In partnership with business owners and top executives, Sunny’s aim is to train the employees of client organizations to be an effective ‘Organization Citizen’ by guiding them in acquiring fundamental professional skills such as Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication, Personal and Corporate Branding, Leadership, Setting and Achieving Goals, Workplace Relationship, Organizational Synergy and Self-Motivation. 


Currently, Sunny is based in Virginia, USA and represents Counselage Training Pvt. Ltd. as its International Director. Because of his unique training and coaching approach, Sunny has assisted his clients in gaining as much as 79% income growth within a period of 6 months.