Joseph Niraula

Master Trainer

Joseph Niraula is a trainer of international repute. He has organized and conducted a number of training programs in Nepal and abroad. Besides, he has been the HR Head & Training and Development Director of World Vision Nepal and Asia Director of Caritas Internationalis responsible for 22 caritas offices in Asia.


At present he is the founder Principal of Godawari Residential School, a Multiple Intelligence based school. Josh is the first Nepali to be a certified NLP Trainer and Coach and a practitioner of Timeline and Hypnotherapy. Trained by Master trainers Dr. David J Lincoln and Ralf Watson of UK, Dr. Richard McHugh of US and Barney Wee of Singapore, Josh brings a lot of depth, passion and joy in his training programs.


Josh has more than 15 years of experience in training and development and has travelled extensively conducting training programs on various subjects. He is also a profound trainer of Managing Diversity, Coaching for Performance, Communication Excellence, Do No Harm (Local Capacity for Peace), Stress Management (Using Eastern and Western Meditation Techniques), School Management and Street Theatre. He uses NLP as tools for effective communication, leadership and teambuilding.


Josh had lived as a Catholic monk for about 10 years studying scriptures, practicing meditation, Energy Healing and has profound knowledge in Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism.


A Nepali citizen, Josh has travelled over 35 districts of Nepal and over 25 countries. He is married to Dolly and blessed with 3 Children. Loves meeting people, folk music, reading and just flowing in the NOW. His Motto in life is: Build and Empower People  by Changing their Mindset.


Topic: Joy at work and life

Focus area: Positive attitude, happiness practices


Topic: Getting along in the Workplace

Focus area: Conflict resolution


Topic: Controlling Anger before it controls You

Focus area: Anger management and self-evaluation


Topic: Secrets of Change Management

Focus area: Change management


Topic: Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace

Focus area: Diversity management


Topic: Power of Communication

Focus area: Communication skills and interpersonal skills


Topic: Develop a Leader in You

Focus area: Leadership, emotional intelligence & self-improvement